Review: Manfrotto Super Clamp and Magic Arm

In this post, I would like to introduce two very helpful tools from Manfrotto.

- Manfrotto 035 Superclamp*
- Manfrotto 4N Magic Arm mit Feststellknopf*

The Italian manufacturer Manfrotto has, with no doubt, much useful equipment for photography. I am personally a huge fan of their air-cushioned light stands and I am using them in several sizes in my home studio.
Well, who knows me, knows the I am always curious and on the watch for new gear – or as my wife Tanja says „men toys.“ So I browsed B&H to check what other Manfrotto gear they have within their portfolio. And what did I find? Something that covers multiple of my use-cases right away. The Super Clamp and Magic Arm. Both can are great on their own, but they work perfectly together. 

Manfrotto Super Clamp

A helper for everywhere! No matter if you want to attach a camera, a flashlight, umbrellas, hooks or other Super Clamps to it. This is indeed a  versatile and robust tool you can rely on in many different situations. You can attach the clamp to nearly anything between a thickness or diameter of 13-55mm (0.5″ – 2.1″). Pipes, branches, plates, doors, walls, shelves – you name it! The Super Clamp holds up to 15 kg (33lb).

The Super Clamp has a quick-release fastener for standard studs and an additional M6 (3/8) thread for universal usage.

I use the Super Clamp on my 2×4″ ceiling beams in the home studio in my basement as well as on tables. As soon as the weather gets better I can well imagine using the Super Clamp outdoors on trees or fences.

Manfrotto Magic Arm

It`s all about engineering. And the Magic Arm is an excellent piece of Italian craftsmanship. With two ball joints on each end and a pivot joint in the middle, the aluminium arm gives you maximum flexibility for all situations.

It has an official weight limit of 3kg (7lb). Well, this is probably true if you use it in very extreme angles like widely spread. Based on my experience, it easily holds a lot more than just this.

If you use the Magic Arm together with the Super Clamp, it just „snaps“ into the clamp and an additional screw ensures a solid lock. 


Let`s keep it short: This is one of the most versatile and useful tools in my bag, both for my home studio as well as for on-location shoots.